The Diamond Conference spoke to the core aspirations of the partnership between Government and De Beers Group in support of the aspirations of our producer governments to continue to play a leadership role in the diamond value chain and create economic impact for the communities.

Africa is the world's largest producer of diamonds, producing as much as 50% of global production. To date, Africa has produced over 75%, in value, of the world's diamonds with more than 1.9 billion carats worth an estimated $US 158 billion mined.

The Diamond Conference is the only Diamond specific forum on the African continent and over the past 4 years has evolved in size, influence and significance as a key platform for engagement for the global Diamond Industry.

The theme of the 2019 conference was :
Consumer | Community | Cluster Development | Collaboration

In accordance with the principles of the De Beers value proposition the 2019 Diamond conference further facilitated our engagement strategy with a primary focus on the 4Cs:

Consumer Confidence – the changing consumer landscape, trends and its impact on the diamond value chain.

Community - The importance of establishing a multi-stakeholder approach to enhancing the sustainability of diamond equity focusing on Economic, Social and Environmental imperatives.

Cluster Development – in terms of the diamond supply chain, innovation, disruption and various factors that impact the industry directly or indirectly. There is need to explore the opportunity to create a self-regulating, evidence-based innovation pipeline that will support commercial longevity in the current global context.

Collaboration– the value of collaborative relationships to address shared risks that impact the diamond sector.


Delegate Welcome

A casual meet and greet braai for delegates to meet and greet prior to the conference.

4th November 2019
18:00pm – 20:00pm
Gaborone Golf Club
Plot 4774, Chuma Drive, Gaborone, Botswana

Dress Code: Casual

2019 Diamond

The 4C’s of Success for the Diamond Ecosystem:
Collaboration | Consumer | Cluster Development | Community

5th November 2019
07:30am – 16:30pm
Fairgrounds Holdings , Boipuso Hall
Plot 50660 (Moedi Road), Gaborone, Botswana

Dress Code: Business

Diamond Banquet & Shining Light Awards

The 2019 Diamond Conference will culminate in a Red Carpet Diamond Banquet experience in celebration of the future of Botswana: Our Diamonds, Our Youth Entrepreneurs, Our Tourism and Our Heritage

5th November 2019
18:30pm – 22:00pm
Fairgrounds Holdings , Ditshupo Hall
Plot 50660 (Moedi Road), Gaborone, Botswana

Dress Code: Red Carpet / Black Tie